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Welcome to the new Steve Miller Blog.

This is a first post.  Hopefully I’ll be posting more stuff going forward. What inspired the Steve Miller Blog?  The top Channel on Youtube.  Some guy plays video games and talks as he’s playing the games.  He makes a LOT of money by having advertising on his videos.  He likes to curse a lot as he is giving commentary.   Which I’m not a fan of.  (I think I just came up with a future blog post.) 

I said to myself; “Self, you can create better content than that.” Which is probably arguable, but if I can take people away from that crap and give them something educational, entertaining, stimulating or though provoking, then I would consider that a WIN!

If I can make a few bucks doing it along the way, then that is a win-win! So here we go… What types of stuff interest you? What do you want to talk about?  What kind of videos would be of interest? If you like what you find, subscribe to my e-mail newsletter.  If I have something of interest, please share on Social Media.  You can also friend me on Social Media which is at the top of my blog page. Thanks for swinging by.  Please come again.

Steve Miller

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