Sundance 2


Sundance Ski Resort Part 2

Recently my wife and two daughters went skiing at Sundance Ski Resort.  It’s located about 20 minutes from our home. I was testing a new selfie stick that I picked up on Amazon.  And by new, I mean a first for me or our family and new as in unused.  (See below)  It telescopes so it was easy to put in my pocket and carry around with me while we skiied.  I have a large phone, sometimes called a phablet, As an early adapter, I was in the minority and people like to hassle me about it.  I have had it for several years and frankly, I like it!  I do feel a bit vindicated by all the new phones that have become popular such as Apple’s plus phones.  My phone fits my hand, it fits in my pockets, the large screen makes it easy to see and consequently with large hands and fingers, it gives me a larger keyboard to text.  (Anyway, I digress…)   Back to the story…  So on the first day of skiing I was testing the selfie stick.  Where the phone mounts, there is a cable that connects to my phone’s headphone jack that will allow me to take pictures by connecting it and then pushing the button on the grip handle.  It turns out that evidently by having the cable plugged in negates incoming sound.  To make a long story short, the first days video’s had no sound, so I put the clips and photos to music. Here is the post;  Sundance Ski.

The next day, Lorna and I went skiing again and I thought I would see how the videos would turn out if I tried to gather some sound and commentary.   I will admit, that the first clip on the lift, the sound was not captured well.  The recording had a very low volume.  I tried to edit up louder, but it didn’t work very well.  Unfortunately the second part is hard to pick-up due to the rushing wind over my phone’s microphone.  In addition, I decided to add some Youtube music to the video which also drowns out the video sound a little bit.  All that aside it was still a terrific day of skiing and I hope you enjoy the ride along.

P.S. Other than the cable negating sound on video, it’s a pretty good selfie stick.  The problem of the cable on video is easily avoided simply by not plugging in the cable on video.


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