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Capture Life with a GoPro!

Capture life with GoPro

Christmas 2018 I received a GOPRO 7 Black and it has been an amazing and fun camera.  I have taken a number of photos and videos with it.


I have personally used it when I have gone:

  • Skiing.
  • Swimming
  • Riding my Motorcycle
  • Around the House
  • Mountain Biking

The following features are amazing:

  1. Can take photos or video underwater.
  2. Image stabilization.  The video is more smooth and stable.
  3. Speed sensor.  When you are moving as you are taking video, GoPro is capturing your speed data.  You can show the speed in your video or not, which I think is pretty cool.
  4. HD video quality.

I am going to add more samples to this, but if you want to capture life, get yourself a GoPro.

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